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By Murilo

If you work with digital marketing strategies or blogs you probably already hear about guest post.

This blog publishing partner model brings a number of benefits to your brand, company or product, but it needs to be very well used strategically and efficiently.

After all, making a good guest post is not just going out publishing on any page over the internet. The success of your move will depend on the right content and the ideal partners.

To help clarify this issue and uncover the success behind this strategy, we have prepared in this article some essential tips and information about the guest post.

Want to know more? So just read on and check it out!

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After all, what is a Guest Post?

In translation, the word guest post means a "guest post," meaning a posting from another author or company on third-party blogs.

This practice has been increasingly used in search of the benefits that this publication model can bring both to the guest and to who is hosting the content.

For those who make the publication, there are chances of reaching a much larger audience, strengthening the image and authority of the brand in front of the market that interests them.

For those who offer the space in the blog, it is possible to enrich the content, offer diversity in the information for the readers and help in the frequency of publication, which is something more difficult to maintain.

What are the advantages of using this template?

As we have seen, the use of the guest post can bring advantages to both parties, both blog owner and visiting author.

Among the benefits, we can mention the main ones, which are:

Reach a new audience

The grand balcony of posting a guest post is reaching a new, larger and more engaged audience, thereby projecting your brand, company or product to growth and recognition.

Therefore, it is extremely important to make good partnerships, choosing the target sites well and planning the proposals and strategies to get your text published.

This strategy works very well for any type of goal, especially for those who are in the beginning and want to gain more visibility in the market.

Taking advantage of the audience already won by other well-positioned sites is to take many steps ahead of competitors, efficiently and positively.

The other side of this is that to gain a relevant place, you need to produce and ensure good content, with quality and seriousness, to add and bring advantages also to the owner of the blog.

Producing with quality will open many other doors to other great sites and successful partnerships. So take advantage of the opportunities.

Gaining authority

Along with increased audience and greater visibility, the guest post also brings authority to your company, brand or product.

After all, if a recognized website, with good engagement and great public allowed its publication, it is because trust in what you have to say.

This strategy generates a transfer of credibility, making you gain authority in the market and the segment in which it is inserted.

Through this, you will become a benchmark, closing successful partnerships and staying ahead of competitors.

The guest post will shorten the path that you would need to outline yourself, with a blog of your own and with direct strategies in your brand.

This does not mean that this model of publication is enough, because having a blog to direct the public and make strategic links will potentiate the advantages of this action.

Work with links

And that's where another great balcony of guest posts comes in, creating and working with links!

This part also needs to be thoughtful and thoughtful so that the links are harmonious with the content and do not over-force the bar with the reader.

After all, the audience needs to feel that you are adding value to the blog they are already accustomed to reading, not just wanting to sell something to them.

Through the links you can combine products, other articles from the same site or even content that take readers to your blog author.

The most important thing in this scenario is to use the link correctly, without polluting the text and according to the parameters established by the owner on the page.

This action can generate traffic to your site or blog, sales of your products or services, or help move the site you're using to publish the guest post.

All of this needs to be defined and well talked to the blog owner, so that you maintain a transparent and lasting partnership.

Another interesting tip is to make changes to guest posts or links, posting links to articles or products of the page owner also on your blog, in a natural and positive way.

Improve SEO

This exchange of links helps a lot to improve the SEO of your site or blog, because every time it is mentioned in pages engaged the search engines will value your content more.

SEO represents the techniques used on the great sites, so that the pages are well positioned in the search engines, like Google.

If you have a good amount of guest posts on relevant blogs, the chances of your site appearing at the top of the search increase a lot!

That is, investing in guest post is also investing in your official page, even if indirectly.

How to gain space in relevant blogs?

But now that we've seen some advantages and benefits of investing in guest post, it's time to check out some tips on how to get those golden opportunities.

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We separate in two ways how to get spaces in relevant sites, through tools or manually.

Guest posts through tools

As we have seen, just as many want to advertise their brand, many want to update their websites with good articles. And today there are tools that make that easy. Such as the Platform Guestposts .

The platform allows you to post a guest posts to thousands of niche site owners that you have chosen. These site owners are notified and if they are interested in the topic, apply to publish your guest post.

Then you can choose from candidates by looking at their websites, metrics and match content, which you find more interesting to choose to publish. The platform greatly facilitates the lives of those who want to publish as well as who wants good content for their website.

Guest posts manually

The manual form is also very effective, but as you can imagine, a little more work, so we suggest following the following steps:

Market research

The first step to be taken when looking at the right target is to do a market research according to the topic you want to work on.

At this point, it is essential that you choose with priority the content addressed by the page and the potential audience it has.

Choosing a site just by popularity and traffic without taking into account the subject of interest of the readers greatly diminishes the efficiency of its strategy.

So always combine the niche similar to yours with the good audience of the blog or site in question.

After defining themes, search for web pages that are already well-positioned and engaged and that can leverage your image.

Another point worth checking out is the blogs that already accept this type of partnership with guest post, as this makes it easier to negotiate and conquer space.

However, if your perfect guest does not work with it yet, you can develop a relationship and propose a partnership accordingly.

To take an even closer shot, thoroughly research the behavior of your target audience or persona on the internet, what pages and blogs in your niche they follow and what problems you need to solve.

In this way, you will be able to establish themes that generate even more engagement and activities of the readers in the blog, conquering them more easily.

Create relationship or leverage your network of contacts

After defining your blogs or ideal target sites to propagate your guestposts, it is best to create a relationship environment before making the proposal.

If the site already has a space for employees, this task is even easier and natural, without demanding much in this first contact.

Whether you need to conquer your space in a more complex way, interacting with the site, pages, blog or social networks is a good start.

Commenting, sharing and interacting in any way will already introduce you to the page owner, facilitating the path of your partnership.

Another valuable tip is to do a search on your network of contacts. Is there not someone from your environment, a friend of your profession, or even a client who can introduce you to your target?

Having a good network of contacts in this environment is very important in order to close successful agreements and project your image for growth and advancement.

It may be that some popular and well-placed pages cover so you can publish your content on them. In this case, it is up to you to analyze whether the investment will yield good results and decide for the best.

Have quality content to display

One of the main points when it comes to passing a guest posts partnership is what you can add to the site in question.

So having a good portfolio or specific content for that previously prepared opportunity will bring you advantages at the time of the negotiation.

Good content is the key that will open the door to advantageous partnerships for your purpose, bringing authority, commitment, advancement and audience to your company, site or product.

So define what you want to promote through guest posts and make a demonstrative content appealing to your target.

And here's a reminder, do not just think about the content that will directly attract people to your business, but also please the readers of the site where you will publish the guest post!

That way, you enrich your blog with quality and cultivate good relationships for the future with the owner of it.

Tips for making a successful guest post

And to finalize our little guide on guestposts, we'll leave some important tips on how to make a successful guest post. Check it out!

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Whether for a demo article or for the content that will be published, make sure that the theme always has more to do with the site in question.

This is worth a lot when searching for themes, guidelines or key words. At this point, it is important to remember that rather than attracting the public to your product or business, you are seeking positioning and gaining authority.

So keep the themes always in line with the blog that is giving you the opportunity for visibility.


The content should always walk along with the theme. It's no use choosing a theme that appeals to and pleases the readers, but with a totally aggressive content for what you really want to talk about.

When dealing with clients and readers, you need to prioritize the problems they need to solve and information they want to read.

Your role in the guest posting will be to enrich this relationship between site and reader, gaining the public's trust and attention to your theme and later to your page, blog, site, service, or product.

Format and language

Another valuable tip for making successful guestposts and establishing lasting partnerships is to respect the format and language of the page.

As much as the niches are the same, each audience has different characteristics that require a specific text format or language. So always check the style of articles published on the blog.

Observe if the texts are shorter or longer, with more formal or informal language and if the approach is more technical or common.

This will keep the pattern and make reading as enjoyable as possible for readers who are already familiar with this format.

Watch out for the advertisement

As we mentioned throughout the text, it is very important to be careful that your guest post does not look like advertising in the middle of the page.

There is a difference between publishing rich, quality informational content and advertising on third-party sites.

If your intention is to invest in advertising, the ideal is to look for sites that accept this type of partnership, where you usually need to pay for it.

If the goal is to enjoy the benefits of the guest post, always focus on being as informative and useful as possible with your content.

The public will feel more confident and comfortable if it realizes that you are there to contribute and not only to enjoy it for your own benefit.

Beware of links

And the previous point also leads us to this, always be cautious with the links inserted in your guest publication.

First, talk to the page owner to set boundaries or make your intent clear with linking and content.

Also, choose what you want to promote in the guest post, whether it is your website, blog, product, service or social networks.

This way you can link naturally across the text without polluting visually with multiple links to several different pages.

Knowing to take advantage of the opportunity with quality content, you will always have new chances to divulge other means. So do not worry about filling the text of links.

With these little tips you will already be able to produce something valuable and with great chances of being approved by your target blog.

Like to know a little more about what is guest post and its advantages? So keep following us for more tips and information important to the success of your digital strategies!

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