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By Murilo
Person doing a checklist with red pen

Do you create a website to share with the world your creative power and knowledge, share with your friends but few access? Yes, I've been through that friend and I know how frustrating it is to see hours of dedication not having the expected result.

But rest assured, it's common for all your friends not to have the same interest as you for your content, but believe me, there are over 4 billion internet users worldwide and many of these are looking for your content on search engines (Google, Bing , Yahoo) and may not be finding it.

So in this post I decided to do a checklist, with some references for you to leave your site "tinkering" to the search engines and consequently to have your content in the top of google search.

This checklist will be very objective, I will separate into two sectors, Activities that you will do once and once. And within each of the sectors I rated On Page (Activities within your domain) and Off Page (Outside your domain).

SEO activities that you will perform only once on the website

On Page

Statistic lighthouse of a site

OFF Page

SEO activities that you will perform every time on the site for each publication

On Page

Off Page

And a lot of things? One tip is to put what you have not yet implemented and go do it slowly.

If you feel that something is missing, please share here in the comments that I update the list.

I hope that with this you achieve your dream of showing your work to more and more people in the world.

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