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The Platform provides modules for you to post opportunities for partnerships. The modules that offer the partnerships are: GuestPosts, Inviteposts and Sites Directories, look for the button "How It Works" to better understand the process about modules.

Platform has a currency of exchange called GuestPostCoins, it’s by GuestPostCoin that you publish your brand on other sites.

Yes, it’s free! But you can provide a subscription plan to provide a lot of resources for subscribers, know better clicking here.

Module GuestPosts' allows you to offer GuestPostCoins for a partner to publish your article, thus referencing your brand.

You need to inform the topic about the article, amount of words, backlinks, images, niche and a description.

With this information, users with the same niche sites are notified, and apply to publish Guest Posts.

You evaluate metrics, description, the layout of the site (when the user allows), evaluations of other users and choose which of the candidates will publish your Guest Posts.

After the selection, the contacts are shared so you can send the article via email or whatsapp.

After you have published the article you and the candidate evaluate each other and the GuestPostCoin is transferred to the candidate who in turn can create your Guest Posts on the platform.

In the Inviteposts module, you can create an invitation for users to publish Guest Posts to your site, by requesting in return GuestPostCoins.

Users who have GuestPostCoin and websites in the selected niche, are notified and can pay GuestPostCoin to post Guest Posts on their site.

After the user purchases your Invitepost the contacts are shared so that you can receive the article by email or whatsapp.

After the article is published you and the buyer evaluate each other and the GuestPostCoin is transferred to you which in turn can buy your Invitepost.

You have a lot of ways to get GuestPostCoins. Know then:

  • Being selected to publish a Guestpost from a partner.
  • Having an invitation post purchased by a partner.
  • Buying at GuestPostCoins' market.
  • Inviting your friends through invitations generated on the Platform. When he wins the first GuestPostCoin you win as well.
  • Watch out for subscription promotions, they can reward you monthly with some GuestPostCoins.

No. We know there’re partners working in the same niche at Guest Posts’ Platform. If this happens, just combine with the partner and both assess that it was not published. The Guest Post or Invitepost returns to selection, and you can choose another partner.

If you tried to contact via email or whatsapp and the partner didn't answer, you can contact the Platform' Support, and we will help you to intermediate the negotiation.

Taking the facts into account, administrators take care that the problem doesn't happen again.

The Site Monitor verifies that your site is responding correctly. If it encounters some problem, it warns you that your site is down. So, you can take action quickly. Don't harm your visitors and also are not penalized by the search engines.

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