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Analyze site metrics, publish articles, check plagiarism, track articles link, discover new opportunities for backlinks, access the directory of sites and much more ...

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Increase your SEO with quality backlinks.

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For Brands and Companies

Increase the relevance of your brand on the internet, the more it appears on other sites, the more expression it has for search engines.

  • Increase Site Traffic.
  • Monitor the indicators of your site.
  • Increase the credibility and authority of your brand.
  • Monitors links to your site and plagiarisms.
  • Be notified when your site has a problem.

For SEOs, Publishers and Site Owners

Simplify the way you get links to your site by choosing the best partners and the best sites in your niche to publish your content.

  • Increase traffic to your website or blog
  • Monitor the performance of your site metrics
  • Get access to high-quality content
  • Publish articles by choosing the most suitable candidates
  • Monetize your website by posting articles.
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Platform Features

Post your guest post and identify interested in posting your article on their site. You can look at the information of the candidate sites, their metrics, the evaluations of other users and choose the best website to publish your article, thus gaining backlinks. You can also apply to publish guest posts of other users, thus keeping your site up to date.
Invite users to post texts on your site, you can choose a theme you are interested in and invite them to write and post on your site. In this module you can also provide links in an existing article.
Did you post a guest posts or did you get a good backlink and would you like to be warned if it is no longer active? This module does just that, notifying you by email when a problem with the link occurs, providing the partner contacts to contact.
GuestCoin is the currency of exchange on the platform, you earn it by posting someone's brand and provide it to publish yours. The module market allows you to sell or buy guestcoin. So you can speed up your results or monetize your audiences.
This module monitors your site and notifies you if you encounter any problems. This way you can fix the problem quickly before Google penalizes you or your users get access to it.
Module that monitors if the article you posted on your site was copied by someone on the internet. The user receives a notification that the monitor has found a copy.
In this module you can access sites and their metrics that provide ways to publish your brand in a free and without approval.
You can track the progress of your site in the indicators of the main SEO tools available in the market, so that you can track the results of your site by graphics means.


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